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Reasons to Have Engagement Photos  Done

Reasons to Have Engagement Photos Done

Getting engaged is a magical time in a person’s life. After all, it’s not something that happens everyday. When someone you love says, “Yes, I want to marry you,” that’s a feeling that’s as good as gold. It’s the kind of feeling worth celebrating, and one way to do that is with engagement photos.

Engagement Photography Fort Wayne IndianaIn order to mark the occasion of being “officially engaged,” it makes sense to be photographed professionally. For most people, their engagement photos are the first professional photos they’ve had taken since their days back at school when yearbook or prom photos were taken. Now a little older and more seasoned, years have passed, looks have changed, and it’s time, once again, to strike some poses for the camera.

Photographs have a unique way of capturing moments in time that cannot be duplicated. Right here and right now is the right time for some photos!

Why take engagement photos? For starters, it gives you the opportunity to meet with and work with a professional photographer who, in most cases, will also be the one to photograph the actual wedding. Establishing this relationship, then, is a good thing, as the photographer will quickly get to know and understand you and your fiancé, helping them figure out what kind of photos you two truly want taken. Engagement photos allow a couple to then say to the photographer what they loved, liked and/or didn’t care for, such that wedding photos are even better.

Next, engagement photos can be used in many ways– as framed gifts for friends and family, for the local newspaper’s engagement section, and in/on the wedding program, for example.

Meanwhile, engagement photos are the kind of photos you and your spouse will eventually look at years later and say, “Remember when we took these?” For many people, these photos will represent moments in time when they were truly happy, looking great, and feeling great. Photo backgrounds will probably include a couple’s “favorite spot,” too. These photos can fill people with a flood of emotions for years to come.

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