Why Lighting is Paramount in Photography

Why Lighting is Paramount in Photography

Photographer Fort Wayne Indiana - LightingLighting is an essential component of making a good photograph. A photograph may be perfectly composed, but without careful attention to the lighting, it will still disappoint. The amount, direction, and quality of the light are all important in photography.

The amount of available light is important for sharp, clear photographs. Too little light requires using artificial lighting or shooting with a slow shutter speed that may result in grainy or blurry photographs. Despite the challenges of shooting in low light, a skilled photographer may be able to produce some exciting photographs by using the limited light as an advantage.

The position or direction of light has a significant impact on the result in a photograph. Direct light from the front, such as when you position yourself with the sun behind you, can create an interesting photograph if the subject is brightly colored. This approach may result in a flat look though if there is not much color in the subject. Backlighting can be used effectively to create silhouettes or to illuminate translucent subjects. Soft light is an ideal choice for colorful scenes as the light will allow more color to be captured. The direction or position of the light will create different photographs, and it is up to the photographer to use the lighting that will create the desired effect.

The quality of the lighting also plays an important role in making photographs. Harsh or bright light may result in shadows that can be used artistically in some photographs. Soft or diffused light may produce a photograph with a more pleasing appearance and without harsh shadows.  Similarly, the photographer may choose to manipulate the temperature of the light to produce an image that feels cooler or warmer.

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